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Rootree, Conveying the vitality of forest to skin

Giving the secret of forest to skin, Rootree

rootree wishes to deliver the vitality of forest with total honesty.

Organic naturalistic cosmetics
made from native trees of Jeju Island,

'rootree' is a compound word of 'root' and 'tree' which means to
enrich the skin's natural healing ability like the solid root of tree grown
in clean Jeju forest.

[ No Chemical ]

While insisting over 89% of organic raw material, 98% of nature-derived ingredients, we make our products free of 11 skin irritation chemical ingredients.

[ Organic Natural ]

Pure natural ingredients and safe organic certified ingredients could fill your skin from the inside with the power of healthy natural environment.

Brand Mission Organic Skin Healing

rootree believes in the healing power of the forest.
Our goal is to make tired skin healthy with beneficial ingredients from
the precious trees in Jeju forests.

Brand Essence Organic, Natural,
Cosmetics From Forest

The forest activates NK cells which kills pathogenic bacterium to heal atopy
and enhance skin immunity. rootree focused on this healthy vitality of the forest.

Brand Promise Forest Theraphy

Cedar containing 4 times more phytoncide with antimicrobial effect
Dendropanax with powerful antioxidative effect
Excellence of camphor tree for energy circulation provides forest therapy effect.

Brand Personality Fundamental, Sincere
Lively & Healthy

Forest looks calm and stagnant but it is a field of competition that
fiercely evolves and survives in a given environment.
rootree focused and studied on this evolving ability and adaptability of the forest.

The Benefits of Trees

rootree’s wooden cap is a symbol of the benefits of nature.
By using beech trees which have dense tissue and superior elasticity,
we minimize the influence on nature.

Realize improvement of
the true skin.

We pursue the true beauty from inside the skin,
not just simply being seen, by growing autogenic power of
skin with natural-derived ingredient.
From the selection of ingredients to development
and delivery, we will follow the strict procedures and approach you.

rootree embodying secret of the forest
keep your skin in healthy condition everyday